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Video Samples

"Spin the Bottle" from Zack Hosseini

Bryan Lanning's "Who Knew" Music Video

The Wolves of Savin Hill

Demo Reel


Audition Clip: Brittany/Mitchell

Girl who fakes her death and returns to school as a boy. It's two scenes...Mitchell starts at the 0:50 minute mark; fast forward to compare the two reads.

ASL - American Sign Language Acting Challenge

Click to visit the website and view a clip of Jordan in the Acting Challenge

After the Wizard

After the Wizard Bonus Features from DVD



Dual Revelations

"I think Jordan did an amazing job and I loved what she brought to the role of Megan."

Robert Bontrager, Director

Different Worlds

Angelina Dreams

It was absolutely a wonderful experience watching Jordan work with Megan [Director] and the other producers in the making of Angelina Dreams. What talent and maturity she has- especially at her age. She is a great actor. We knew that the first time she auditioned. What we didn't know was how well she would be directed. She made it easy and did everything asked of her. I was told by everyone that worked with her how she impressed them with her ability to identify with the part as well as communicate on an adult level. Several times during the editing I heard similar comments: "She is so good." I hope to work with her again in the future.

Mike Speed, Producer for "Angelina Dreams"

Ronald McDonald House : Rock 103 Radio-Thon